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Do you want to develop your ability to tackle aptitude, IQ and Personality tests? Do you want objective professional tools to help you discern what sort of person you are? Or to learn what talents and weaknesses may exist within your workforce? Our tests cover the full spectrum of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and diagrammatic tests, and are complemented by a number of psychological profiling inventories, giving a very wide range of applications.

Aptitude tests are becoming increasingly widely used in job recruitment and for good reason: – they work! Aptitude Online is THE resource for understanding, practicing and PASSING aptitude tests, and to support you in accelerating you down your career track. It provides online tests for employers to use in recruiting and promoting staff. It makes tests available for practice, and to familiarise you with what they are about. Aptitude Tests require a range of skills to complete successfully, and in an interview situation the prospect of undertaking an unfamiliar test, under pressure, can be paralysing.

This site gives you the opportunity to gain vital experience of this kind of task, to learn how to approach them, and to develop the strategies and skills to best complete them to the best of your ability. Our Consultants are available to analyse your test scores and to give objective and reliable feedback efficiently and professionally. We advise on individual strengths and recommend areas to improve.

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